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Cycling Routes in and Around Altea: Scenic Paths for All Levels

Nestled on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, Spain, the charming town of Altea offers more than its picturesque streets and Mediterranean charm. It's also a haven for cycling enthusiasts, offering a variety of routes that cater to all skill levels. From leisurely coastal rides to challenging mountain climbs, Altea provides an exceptional backdrop for both scenic tours and rigorous training. This article explores the diverse cycling routes around Altea, providing insights into their scenic beauty and varying difficulty levels.

Coastal Cruises: Altea to Calpe

Starting with the easier routes, a ride from Altea to Calpe is perfect for beginners and those looking for a leisurely cycle. This approximately 10-kilometer route along the coast offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The path is predominantly flat and well-paved, making it accessible and enjoyable. As you pedal, you will witness the stunning contrast of the deep blue sea against the backdrop of the rugged Sierra de Bernia mountains.

Cyclists can take frequent stops at various viewpoints to enjoy the vistas and perhaps snap some memorable photos. The route also passes through small beaches and coves where one can relax or have a quick swim. Upon reaching Calpe, the sight of the iconic Peñón de Ifach rock is rewarding. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants in Calpe where cyclists can refuel before heading back to Altea.

Mountain Challenges: Altea to Sierra de Bernia

For those who crave a more demanding experience, the route from Altea up to the Sierra de Bernia offers a thrilling challenge. This route stretches roughly 22 kilometers and involves a significant ascent, making it suitable for intermediate and advanced cyclists. The climb is steep and can be grueling, but the rewards are unparalleled panoramic views and a profound sense of accomplishment.

The road snakes through pine forests and past rugged rock formations, offering changing landscapes that keep the ride interesting. At the summit, cyclists are treated to a 360-degree view of the coastline and the valleys below. The descent is equally exhilarating, with sharp turns and rapid drops that demand attention and skill.

The Ultimate Test: The Tour of the Valleys

Advanced cyclists looking for a full-day challenge will find the Tour of the Valleys route to be a true test of stamina and endurance. This extensive route covers over 70 kilometers, looping through several valleys around Altea, including the famous Vall de Ebo and Vall de Laguar. The ride includes multiple climbs and descents, passing through traditional Spanish villages, orchards, and terraced fields.

This route not only tests physical prowess but also offers a cultural immersion into the Spanish countryside. The quaint villages along the way provide perfect spots for rest and refreshment. Local dishes such as paella and tapas are available in small village restaurants, offering a taste of authentic regional cuisine.

Family Fun: The Altea to Albir Playa Route

Families visiting Altea with children can enjoy the Altea to Albir Playa route. This is a safe and enjoyable 6-kilometer trail that is mostly flat and takes riders along the coast. The path is completely segregated from traffic, ensuring a stress-free ride with stunning sea views. Along the way, there are plenty of spots to stop, including beaches, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

The route ends at the bustling beach of Albir Playa, where families can relax on the beach or enjoy various waterfront activities. The return journey can be made at a leisurely pace, perhaps with a stop for ice cream or snacks at one of the many cafes lining the route.

Preparing for Your Cycling Adventure in Altea

Before embarking on any cycling trip in Altea, it's essential to be well-prepared. Ensure that your bike is in good condition and that you have all necessary gear, such as helmets, gloves, and appropriate clothing. Staying hydrated is crucial, especially during the warmer months, so always carry enough water. Additionally, it's wise to check the weather forecast and plan your route and stops accordingly.


Altea's varied terrain and scenic landscapes make it an ideal destination for cyclists of all levels. Whether you're looking for a serene ride along the coast or a challenging mountain trek, the cycling routes in and around Altea offer something for everyone. With proper preparation and a spirit of adventure, cycling in Altea can be an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best time for cycling in Altea is during spring and fall when temperatures are milder and the tourist crowds are smaller, making for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride

Yes, Altea offers several bike rental shops where you can rent bicycles suitable for different terrains, including road bikes and mountain bikes. Most shops also offer gear and accessories

Absolutely! The Altea to Albir Playa route is especially popular among families. It’s a safe, flat route with plenty of scenic stops and beaches, perfect for a leisurely family ride

For mountain routes, a good-quality mountain bike is recommended. Additionally, helmets, gloves, and suitable cycling shoes are essential for safety and comfort on challenging terrains

Yes, there are several tour operators in Altea that offer guided cycling tours. These tours range from easy coastal rides to more challenging mountain routes, catering to different skill levels

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