Car hire Altea

Car hire Altea Spain. Our philosophy is simple, best quality at the lowest possible price on your rental car. We offer car hire from Altea leading rentalcar companies in over 300 different destinations on Costa Blanca North, including Alicante Airport and Valencia Airport. Our car rental rates is all inclusive, unlimited mileage, no deposit, and necessary taxes and fees. Use the search form below or call booking +34 653 221 333 for cheap car hire in Altea.

Car hire in Altea

Car hire Altea

We can offer a large selection of car hire in Altea and car hire from Altea to meet your car rental needs at Alicante or Valencia Airport, and surrounding areas on Costa Blanca North. If you want a holiday rental or a long term rental, you can choose between economy cars, medium and family cars, even 7 – 9 seater VANS. Rental cars with automatic transmission, convertibles or luxury cars for rent to enjoy the experience or to take a great test drive.

Free door to door delivery service – Car Hire Altea offers you a door to door delivery service anywhere in Costa Blanca North. We will deliver and collect the car at your door step. your house, hotel or holiday residence at no exstra costs.

All inclusive car hire in Altea

Tired of been charged exstras? We offer all inclusive car hire in Altea, at Alicante and Valencia Airport and surrounding areas Costa Blanca North. Our rates are inclusive full cover with no excess and no deposit, meaning that you don’t have to leave a deposit when you pick up the car.

All inclusive car hire – The price you get is the price you pay. We guarantee you will not have unpleasant surprises when you collect your car hire.

No deposit – Our prices always include our Super Relax Insurance so you can enjoy your holiday and drive without worries.

No cancellation fees – Book our cancellation insurance and you can cancel your booking free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival. The prices we give will always include no cancellation insurance.

Free door to door delivery service Costa Blanca North – We will deliver and collect the car at your door step. your house, hotel or holiday residence at no extra costs.

SUV car hire in Altea

SUV Car Hire Altea

If you want a bigger car with real off road options, a SUV or four wheel drive car is the perfect car for you in Altea. Our SUVs offer great flexibility with seating capacity, engine power and luggage space. Whether you are going on a family vacation or exploring the countryside, we are sure we have the ideal SUV for your needs. We have many SUVs rental cars all over Costa Blanca north, at train stations, airports, ports, and in the city, making it easy to drive in style across Costa Blanca. Through us you can hire top SUV cars from well-known brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Opel, Ford, Peugeot, Range Rover and Porsche, to name a few. Read more about SUV car hire in Altea

Rental car 7 and 9 seats Altea

Car Hire 7 and 9 Seater Altea

Car hire with seven or nine seats in Altea is cheaper to rent than two small cars, in addition, there are savings with petrol costs etc. With a seven or nine seats it will allow larger families or golf groups to travel together so no one misses day trips to the beach, or other experiences in Altea and surrounding areas on Costa Blanca north. Book early as all major rental cars like 7 and 9 are very in demand, with limited availability. This is especially true for Easter, and the summer months between June and September. Read more about 7 and 9 seats car hire in Altea

Minivan car rental in Altea

Minivan Car Hire Altea

Do you have a large family? Do you like to travel in large groups? Do you need a large capacity car in Altea with many seats for an event? Then your best option is to rent a large car or with several extra seats. A minivan is perfect for long itineraries and family vacations in Altea with room for 7, 8, 9 to 12 people. Make sure you have all the leg and luggage space you need and rent a minivan in Altea through us. You can arrange a minivan rental at some of our many locations in Costa Blanca north, and go on a family holiday or group excursion. Read more about minivan car hire in Altea

Convertible car hire in Altea

Convertible Car Hire Altea

We offer a wide range of convertible rental cars for rent at most of our destinations throughout Altea and Costa Blanca north. How about making your holiday a little more special and treat yourself to some luxury? A good selection of convertible rental cars from many different car hire companies in Altea allows us to have a convertible for you, whatever your budget, ranging from economy to luxury class. Renting a convertible in Altea is a fun and stylish way to experience many of the many sights throughout Costa Blanca. Experience the fresh air, the wind in your hair and enjoy close proximity to the most beautiful monuments found throughout Altea and surrounding areas.

Luxury car hire company Altea

Luxury Car Hire Altea

For those who just want the best, what about renting a luxury car in Altea? We offer a large selection of luxury rental cars from the top shelf to rent in Altea, and in the rest of Costa Blanca north. There is nothing better than renting a luxury car and driving down the coast and visiting Costa Blanca’s best sights. Luxury car rentals are available in famous cities and towns throughout Costa Blanca north. Centrally located to the major tourist destinations along the coast as the Costa Blanca. Read more about luxury car hire in Altea

Renting a sports car in Altea

Sports Car Hire Altea

If you are looking for speed and excitement we can recommend renting a sports car in Altea. Renting a sports car in Altea is much cheaper than in most places in Europe, but still there are big differences from the various car rental companies. If you are using us, you can be sure to get the best price for a sports car rental in Costa Blanca. Most people order a sports car rental car in Altea on the internet. It is easy and in most cases cheaper than booking by arrival in Altea.

Rent a car in Altea with child seats

In Spain, the same EU-approved labeling applies but children must sit in a car seat until they are 135cm tall. When you’re choosing your car hire in Altea, think practically about how much space you’ll need for car seats, as well as luggage and any other baby kit you’re taking. Look at how many doors the vehicle has and choose a car with four doors, as putting children in car seats is hard work in two-door models.

If you’ve rented a child seat in Altea or at the airports, first of all check that it is the seat you ordered and it works for your age of child. Give the seat a once-over before fitting it, checking the harnesses are adjustable and work properly, and making sure there’s no damage. If you’re unsure on how to fit it, ask a member of staff for advice. Read more about car hire with child seats for rent in Altea

Automatic car rental in Altea

Driving an automatic vehicle in Altea is a great way to explore Costa Blanca, and makes it easy for you to hire a car with automatic transmission. An automatic transmission gives far greater ease of driving as you are unencumbered by constantly using the clutch and as you shift gears. In cities where stop-starts are frequent in heavy traffic, automatic cars can help create a less stressful environment for drivers as they navigate crowded roads. For those travelling through hilly terrain an automatic car can also be a huge advantage as it prevents ‘rollback’ upon starting from a stop on a large incline. Read more about automatic car hire in Altea

Cheapest car rental in Altea

Heading to Altea and need the cheapest rental car? Millions of tourists each year rent a car at Alicante Airport and Valencia Airport, and in the high season it may sometimes be difficult to get the kind of car that you want. Then it is good to be aware of a few things when renting a cheap car in Altea, so your holiday in Spain get as hassle-free as possible from the start to the end.

If you need the cheapest rental car for your stay in Altea, it is easiest to book it for pickup when you arrive at Alicante airport, or Valencia Airport. Then you can easily return it when you return to your home country, and you do not need alternative transport to and from Alicante og Valencia Airport. In most cases, this is less expensive than using small local car hire companies in Altea. Read more about cheap car hire in Altea

Rental car tips Altea

Good tips about car rental in Altea. They will help you to find a car hire in Altea, and ensure that everything runs smoothly, and you can focus on enjoying your holiday.

Rent a car in Altea online – In most cases it is much cheaper to book a car online, than wait to hire a car when you have landed at Alicante or Valencia Airport. If you wait to the last minute, prices will be higher, less cars to choose from, and you may have to settle for a rental car that does not fit you and your family on your holiday.

Book your car early – As with airplane tickets it is advisable to book your car hire in Altea as soon as possible. A good rule is to book a car when you know when you are flying to Alicante or Valencia. If you book your car early on internet you will save a lot compared to if you wait until closely to departure. During holidays and festivals this is particularly important because of the lack of rental cars in Altea.

Do not forget the size of your luggage – Many believe that the cheapest rental cars are the smallest, and this is also the car type that is ordered most of. What many do not consider is that the whole family should sit comfortably, and in addition to that it should be plenty of space for luggage. Choose a midsize car with more space. Surprisingly enough, it could be at least as cheap as a small car.

Be prepared and save time – Make sure you bring a copy of your order on car hire in Altea, reservation number, driver’s license, passport and credit card. Car companies have high demand and very often you can experience a big queue. Do you have this ready when it’s your turn, you will save time.

Check your car when you pick it up – This is an important. Even when you are in a hurry or feel tired, it is worth taking the time to check the car carefully. You are responsible for the damage to the car. Make sure all scratches and dents are mentioned in the contract. Otherwise, they may try to charge you for damage done by the previous tenant. Same goes for the interior. Use your mobile to make a video and take pictures around the vehicle. Then you have evidence of what condition the car was when you got it.

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