To help you with any questions, we have prepared some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can`t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us, or call +34 653 221 333. 

When you make a booking with Car hire Altea, you booked your car hire with the indicated car rental supplier that shows on the car rental booking confirmation. Car rental supplier can be Blanca Cars company itself or another company, according to the destination and the availability of vehicles at the time of making your booking.

For providers other than Car hire Altea, you can consult the specific conditions of each supplier at the time of making your booking. When you pick up the vehicle, you will sign a car rental contract with the car rental supplier indicated on your booking confirmation and for the same rate indicated on the confirmation. 

How long before arrival can reserve a rental car?

You can reserve a rental car online or until 12 hours before arrival at Valencia Airport or Alicante Airport and surrounding areas in Costa Blanca north. If you need car hire less than 12 hours before arrival, please call +34 653 221 333 for you booking.

How do you calculate rental days ?

Car operates over a 24 hour period, if you want to rent a car from 10:00 am Monday morning at 10:00 am Tuesday morning, this is counted as one day. If you rent the car from 10:00 on Monday morning at 13.00 on Tuesday afternoon you have exceeded the 24 hour period, this will be counted as two days. Remember to check your times carefully by your order since it can have a huge impact on the price.

Can I book a rental car by phone?

You can book your car hire by phone or Whatsapp +34 653 221 333 or get a quote online at www.carhirealtea.com

Can I rent a car if I do not have a credit card?

Yes, we will require a debit card in the main driver’s name. 

Accepted debit cards

  • Credit card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

    Not accepted debit cards
    Debit cards that is not accepted when renting a car with Blanca Cars is cards that do require a pin code for online purchases or for electronic use only. See examples below:
    – Visa Electron
    – Maestro Cards
    – Revolut or other online bank debit cards
    – Debit card marked ‘For electronic use only’.

I have booked a car online, what happens next?

If you have booked a car online on www.carhirealtea.com you will automatically receive a confirmation on your email that we have got your booking request. This document is not valid for collection of the car. Your booking has the status pending and we will send you a booking confirmation as soon as your order is manually checked and availability of car is confirmed within the next 24 hours. If there is any error with website or wrong pricing of the car at the moment of your booking, we can not guarantee the price you have been quoted.

What is the minimum age required to book and drive a rental car?

The minimum age to appear as authorized driver is 25 years old with a minimum age of driver´s licence of 2 years. Read more about age limit for car hire

If the driver is younger than 25 years old or not having a minimum of 2 years of drivers license, you will have to hire an optional insurance for “Novice Driver” to figure as authorized driver and will be required to take the Super Relax Insurance for that driver.

When is it best to book car hire ?

Book your car as soon as you know your arrival date and time. The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes, in most cases, just as with flight and hotel. If you order only a few days before arrival, the demand is greater and companies put up prices for and equalize demand.

What type of driving licence is required?

The driver of the vehicle must possess a valid European Union driving licence, whose original document must be presented when on pick up date of the vehicle (photocopies will not be accepted).

Original N.I.F. or passport so as a valid debit/credit card are required when picking up the vehicle.

Which documents do I need to collect my rental car?

The driver or drivers of the vehicle must possess a valid European Union driving licence, whose original document must be presented when on pick up date of the vehicle (photocopies will not be accepted).

Original N.I.F. or passport so as a valid debit/credit card are required when picking up the vehicle.

Is the rental car that I reserve the final car?

Due to variations in the vehicle fleet, we cannot guarantee you that the model and type of vehicle you have chosen is the one that you finally pick up. However, you will always receive a model of the same category car and, in case of not having the requested car group available, your will receive a superior car group without any additional charge.

What is included in the rental prices?

We offer only all inclusive car hire with full cover, no deposit or excess.  

The following are included in the rental prices: 

  • All taxes included: 21% VAT.
  • Airport and local taxes.
  • Compulsory insurance and driving insurance.
  • Liability insurance for damages to third parties.
  • Collision damage insurance (CDW).
  • Theft insurance (THW).
  • Unlimited mileage according to terms and conditions.
  • Cancellations and amendments.
  • Pay on arrival.
  • 24h emergency contact service.
  • Road assistance

Do I need to make a deposit, and is a credit card required?

No, a deposit is not required to rent from Car hire Altea, but we do require a valid debit/credit card. If the lessee can`t provide one of the accepted debit or credit cards, lessor will require a deposit between 200 to 500 euro. Read more about no deposit car hire

What is not included in the rental price?

The rental price does not include fuel, toll fees and traffic fines. A supplement of 25 euros applies for night service (delivery and return of the rental car) from 20.00pm – 08.00am. Damage incurred while driving off-road and damage to or scratching of the interior is not insured.

Can I rent an infant or child car seat?

Yes, an infant or child car seat can be rented while reserving your rental car. This option is available during the online reservation process, or by phone +34 653 221 333.

I am not happy with the rental car I have been handed over, can I change the car?

If you are not satisfied with the rental car you have received, we will offer you to change the car to another car within the same price range, or a free upgrade if a car in the same price group is not available at this time.

How and when can I pay for my rental car reservation?

You pay for your reservation when collecting the rental car. We accept the following payment cards for reservations: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron, and debit cards. We also accept cash payments.

Are any additional charges applied after making my reservation?

The price you get while booking your car online at Carhirealtea.com or by phone +34 653 221 333 is the final price. Zero surprises! 

What is the fuel policy of Car hire Altea?

The vehicle will be delivered with a full tank, and you return the car with a full tank. 

If the the car is NOT returned with a full tank, a service charge of 25 euros will apply, and additional costs to fill up the tank. 

Where can I collect my rental car when arriving at Alicante Airport?

Once you are in the arrivals hall at Alicante Airport after you have picked up your luggage, you will have to go the ground floor level -2 with the electric stairs or use the elevators.

Follow the signs that indicate “Bus Parking” until you go out of the building terminal (level -2). Once out of the building terminal please turn to the left. Go to the parking place number 1-5

If our shuttle bus is not there in the moment when you arrive please do not worry and call the number +34 600 475 737 and in a few minutes the shuttle bus will be there. That is because we are continuously making trips between the airport and our depot. Read more about collection and return of car hire at Alicante Airport

Where can I collect my rental car when arriving at Valencia Airport?

When you come out in the arrival area at Valencia Airport, walk out of the building and turn left to parking area P6. When you arrive at parking area P6 our free shuttle bus market with Victoria Cars will be waiting for you and drive immediately to Victoria Cars depot located 2 minutes away from the airport. If the shuttle bus is not there when you arrive, just wait a couple of minutes. Read more about collection and return of car hire at Valencia Airport

My flight times and/or flight number have changed, do I need to inform CarHireAltea.com of the changes?

When you rent a car from Alicante or Valencia Airport ,It`s important that you inform Blanca Cars or our partners of any changes. If you forget to inform us of the changes, it is possible that our representatives will be on site for the collection or return of your rental car. Please inform us of these changes by completing the contact form on our website www.carhirealtea.com or by phone +34 653 221 333, including your flight details.

I want to return the rental car ahead of time, will I get some money back?

No, if you want to return the rental car before the agreed time, you will not receive any money back for the days you choose not to have the rental car during the contract period. An exception is if this has been agreed in writing with the rental car company with which you have rented a car. Whether it is rented a car directly with Car hire Altea or one of their suppliers.

My rental car broke down and/or has a flat tyre, what should I do?

In the glove compartment of the rental car there is an emergency phone number. An employee of Car hire Altea or our partners will help you.

There is damage to the rental car, what should I do?

If the rental car has been damaged due to your own error or that of a third party, you must report the incident to Car hire Benissa or our partners immediately. A claim form must also be completed in full and given to a representative upon returning the rental car. Failure to report damage will result in 100% liability for the damages.

I have been involved in an accident, what should I do?

If you have been involved in an accident you need to contact the local police authorities to report the incident. You can reach the Local Police on 092 or the National Police on 091. They will complete the reporting required for correct insurance processing. A European claim form must also be completed in full and signed by all involved parties. If you fail to alert the police and/or complete the European claim form in full, resulting in potential withdrawal of the insurance provider, you will be solely liable for all damage incurred. You are also required to inform Car hire Altea or our partners of the incident within 4 hours of the accident collision by calling the emergency number 0034 653 221 333. A representative will make further arrangements with you. Read more about terms and conditions

My rental car was stolen, what should I do?

In the event of car theft, you need to call 0034 653 221 333 and a representative will make further arrangements with you.

Is a replacement car included in the rental price?

A replacement car is included in the standard rental price and will be provided within 24 hours in the event of a technical defect or if the car was involved in a collision for which you were not responsible. A replacement car is not included in some situations, such as in the event of a tyre puncture, a collision for which you were responsible or technical defects due to negligent use of the rental car.

I used the wrong type of fuel while refueling the car, what should I do?

If you have deposited the wrong type of fuel into the car, you must stop using the car immediately. Contact the emergency service via +34 653 221 333 to speak with a Car hire Altea representative; they will assist you further. A fee of 300 euros applies to incorrect car fueling.

I lost the key of my rental car, what must I do?

Call the emergency number 0034 653 221 333. A representative will assist you. A fee of 300 euros applies to the loss of a rental car key.

Can someone else other than myself drive the vehicle?

Additional drivers must be listed on the rental contract. The second driver must also provide their valid driving license for inspection before becoming a named driver on the rental. Read more about car hire with free additional driver

What is the charge to cancel a reservation?

You may cancel or extend your booking without any extra cost if you inform us in at least 48h before pick up date, but always subject to the availability of the vehicle.

Reservations with Car hire Altea and partners can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled start of the rental.

I would like to extend my rental period, how I can do this?

This extension must be requested 24 hours prior to the end of your rental period. You can submit a request on our website or call +34 653 221 333.

The rental car interior was heavily soiled and/or damaged during my rental period, what should I do?

You are fully liable for damage to and/or severe soiling of the interior as well as loss of SD cards, fire extinguisher, hazard triangle, reflective vests or first aid kit during the rental period. Severe soiling of the interior is defined as stains and/or markings on the interior upholstery.

May I take my rental car outside the country?

It is absolutely forbidden to drive the vehicle out of Spanish territory (as well as to Ceuta , Melilla , Balearic Islands and Canary Islands ). If the customer does not meet this standard the company may charge a fee (cross border) of 100 € for day that the car has been out of Spain.

Are pets permitted in the rental car?

No, in the rental car no pets may be transported.

Is it OK to smoke in a Car hire Altea Vehicle?

No, all our vehicles are smoke free. Please be aware a fine of 100 euros applies for smoking inside the car.

Who is responsible for parking fines / traffic offenses?

In case the vehicle receives a fine during the rental period, the customer will be solely responsible for the entire extent of the fine. In which case the hirer is responsible for full payment as well as a 30 € traffic fine management fee, for each of the received traffic fines. In case of accident, there is a charge of 50 € by way of the accident management and insurance procedures.

What is the emergency number of Car hire Altea?

Emergency phone number for Car hire Altea is 0034 653 221 333. If you have rented a car from one of our partners, you will find the emergency number in the glove compartment of the car.