A Taste of Altea: Local Bars and Wineries

Nestled on the eastern coast of Spain, Altea is a picturesque town that boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Known for its stunning beaches, charming old town, and vibrant artistic community, Altea is also a haven for connoisseurs of fine drinks. In this article, we explore the best local bars and wineries that offer visitors a unique taste of Altea's local flavors and traditional Spanish hospitality.

The Wineries of Altea

Altea's wineries are celebrated for their intimate scale and the exceptional quality of their products. The warm Mediterranean climate and fertile soils provide ideal conditions for vine-growing, with local varieties thriving under the Altean sun.

Bodegas Xaló Located in the nearby Jalon Valley, Bodegas Xaló is a must-visit for wine lovers. This winery specializes in Moscatel and Monastrell grapes, producing wines that capture the essence of the region. The Jalon Valley is particularly famous for its sweet Muscat wines, and Bodegas Xaló offers guided tours and tastings that allow visitors to explore the rich array of flavors in their wines. The tour also provides insights into the traditional methods of winemaking that have been passed down through generations.

Celler la Muntanya Celler la Muntanya promotes the concept of 'micro-vinification', producing wines in small batches from local grape varieties. Situated a short drive from Altea, this winery focuses on sustainable practices and biodiversity. Their approach results in unique, character-filled wines that reflect the terroir of the region. Celler la Muntanya's commitment to preserving local grape varieties like Giró and Parrell is particularly commendable, making their wines not just a drink, but a taste of local heritage.

Local Bars in Altea

After exploring the serene vineyards, the bars in Altea offer a lively contrast. From chic rooftops to quaint beachfront locales, each bar has its own character, serving a mix of traditional Spanish tapas and international dishes alongside innovative cocktails and local wines.

La Claudia Perched atop the old town, La Claudia offers a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. This bar is famous for its artisan cocktails and a meticulously selected wine list that includes local and international options. The ambiance here is chic yet relaxed, making it an ideal spot for an evening drink as you watch the sunset over Altea.

El Chiringuito Located right on the beach, El Chiringuito offers a casual setting perfect for a laid-back evening. With its toes in the sand and a selection of refreshing cocktails and local beers, it captures the essence of Altea's seaside lifestyle. The bar is especially popular during the summer months when tourists and locals alike gather to enjoy the sea breeze and the rhythmic sound of waves.

Wine Tasting Experiences

For those interested in diving deeper into the local wine culture, Altea offers a variety of wine tasting experiences. These sessions are not just about tasting wine but also learning about the region’s viticulture, the winemaking process, and the stories behind each bottle.

Altean Wine Route Organized by several local wineries, the Altean Wine Route is a fantastic way for visitors to experience multiple wineries in a day. This guided tour includes visits to several vineyards, tastings of different wines, and discussions with winemakers. This experience provides an in-depth understanding of the local wine industry and the opportunity to see the beautiful landscapes that make Altea so special.

Wine Tasting Workshops Several bars and wineries in Altea offer workshops where participants can learn about the nuances of wine tasting. These workshops are typically led by sommeliers or experienced winemakers who teach the techniques of wine tasting and wine pairing. This is a perfect activity for both beginners and seasoned wine enthusiasts looking to enhance their knowledge.


Altea’s array of local bars and wineries offers something for every palate, from the casual drinker to the wine aficionado. The town’s commitment to maintaining its cultural heritage through wine is evident in every glass poured and every story told. Whether you're wandering through the vineyards or enjoying a cocktail by the sea, Altea provides an unforgettable experience that blends tradition with a touch of modernity. So, the next time you find yourself on the Costa Blanca, make sure to indulge in a taste of Altea – it’s sure to leave you enchanted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bodegas Xaló and Celler la Muntanya are highly recommended for their unique wines and commitment to traditional winemaking techniques

Yes, the Altean Wine Route offers guided tours that include multiple vineyards, wine tastings, and opportunities to meet local winemakers

L'Obrer in the old town is renowned for its live music nights featuring local bands, providing a lively atmosphere to enjoy with your drinks

El Chiringuito is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy drinks in a casual beachfront setting with stunning sea views

Many local bars and wineries offer wine tasting workshops led by sommeliers or experienced winemakers, perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts

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