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Ten Best Restaurants in Altea

Nestled along the picturesque Costa Blanca, Altea is a charming Spanish town known for its white-washed houses, pebbled beaches, and vibrant culinary scene. With an array of dining options that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, Altea is a true paradise for food lovers. Here’s a guide to the ten best restaurants in Altea, each offering unique flavors and unforgettable dining experiences.

1. Columbus 1492

Columbus 1492 presents a unique dining concept, focusing on fusion dishes that combine elements from different world cuisines. The atmosphere is vibrant and modern, ideal for those looking to enjoy a meal in a lively setting. Their creative cocktails and innovative tapas are standout features, providing a culinary journey that's both delicious and memorable.

2. La Quarara

La Quarara is a gem in Altea's culinary landscape, offering a menu that combines traditional Italian dishes with a contemporary twist. The ambiance is warm and inviting, making it a perfect spot for romantic dinners or special occasions. Their handmade pasta and seafood dishes are a must-try, showcasing the freshness and quality of local ingredients.

3. Restaurante Sergio Clásico

Located in the heart of Altea, Restaurante Sergio Clásico is renowned for its authentic Spanish cuisine. The restaurant prides itself on using traditional cooking methods and local products. Highlights include their paella and tapas selection, which allow diners to savor a variety of flavors in one sitting. The rustic décor and attentive service add to the overall charm of this establishment.

4. Kitsume

Kitsume offers a fusion of Asian cuisines with a strong emphasis on Japanese flavors. This modern, minimalist restaurant serves creative sushi rolls, sashimi, and a selection of Asian-inspired cocktails. It's a go-to for those looking for a sophisticated yet relaxed dining experience. Their commitment to quality is evident in every dish they serve, prepared with precision and artistic presentation.

5. L'Airet d'Altea

Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, L'Airet d'Altea provides a scenic dining experience overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Their dishes are crafted to reflect the seasonal availability of ingredients, ensuring freshness and flavor. The grilled seafood and selection of local wines are particularly popular, perfectly complementing the seaside backdrop.

6. Bar-gourmand Felix

Bar-gourmand Felix is a cozy spot known for its eclectic menu that features a blend of French and Spanish cuisines. This bistro-style restaurant offers a casual atmosphere with a touch of elegance. Patrons love their innovative tapas and hearty main courses, paired expertly with a handpicked selection of wines. The homemade desserts here provide a delightful finish to any meal.

7. Restaurante L'Étiquette

For those in pursuit of a fine dining experience, Restaurante L'Étiquette offers a sophisticated setting and a menu that highlights European gastronomy. The attention to detail is apparent in both the presentation and the flavors of the dishes served. Highlights include their exquisite meat and fish preparations, which utilize high-quality ingredients sourced both locally and internationally.

8. Maná Lounge - Beach

Ideal for a relaxed dining experience by the beach, Maná Lounge offers a laid-back vibe with stunning views of the sea. Their menu features a variety of international dishes, with an emphasis on Mediterranean flavors. It's the perfect place for enjoying a sunset cocktail followed by a dinner featuring fresh salads, grilled meats, and seafood.

9. Restaurant Oustau de Altea

Nestled in a charming old town house, Restaurant Oustau de Altea provides a romantic setting with its rustic interiors and dim lighting. The menu features a mix of Mediterranean and French cuisines, with each dish beautifully crafted to offer a burst of flavor. Their extensive wine list complements the dining experience, featuring selections from Spain and beyond.

10. Taberna del Xef

At Taberna del Xef, diners can enjoy a casual yet chic dining experience. The menu is centered around tapas and small plates, allowing guests to sample a variety of dishes. The focus here is on bold flavors and high-quality ingredients, with a special emphasis on local seafood and seasonal produce.


Each of these restaurants in Altea offers a unique dining experience that caters to a range of palates and preferences. Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner by the sea, a gourmet meal in an elegant setting, or a casual bite in a vibrant atmosphere, Altea’s top dining spots are sure to impress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Altea boasts a diverse culinary scene, featuring a variety of cuisines including Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian, French, and Asian fusion

Many restaurants in Altea offer vegetarian options, with some places like La Quarara and L'Airet d'Altea also providing vegan dishes upon request

It's recommended to make reservations, especially during peak tourist seasons or for dining at high-demand spots like Restaurante Sergio Clásico and Restaurant Oustau de Altea

Yes, places like Maná Lounge - Beach and L'Airet d'Altea offer beautiful beachfront dining experiences with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea

Taberna del Xef and L'Airet d'Altea are highly recommended for their fresh seafood dishes, showcasing the best local catches

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