Taxis in Altea

Taxis in Altea: A Comprehensive Guide

Altea, a picturesque coastal town on Spain's Costa Blanca, is renowned for its charming old town, pebble beaches, and vibrant art scene. While many visitors are drawn to its scenic beauty and cultural offerings, navigating the town and surrounding areas often involves using various modes of transport, among which taxis play a vital role. This article delves into the taxi services in Altea, providing insights on when to use them, cost considerations, tips for tourists, and an exploration of the local taxi regulations.

Car Hire Altea

Car Hire Altea provides a flexible alternative to traditional taxi services for visitors and residents looking to explore Altea and its surrounding areas at their own pace. Offering a wide range of vehicles from economy models to luxury cars, this service caters to various budgets and preferences. Ideal for those planning multiple trips or day excursions, Car Hire Altea gives you the freedom to design your itinerary without being tied to the schedules and routes of public transport. 

Airport Transfer Altea service is also a seamless and efficient means of transportation for travellers arriving at or departing to nearby airports such as Alicante-Elche Airport. These specialized services offer convenience and comfort, especially valuable after a long flight or when managing heavy luggage. Operators typically offer a range of vehicles, including luxury options for those seeking a more upscale travel experience.

Taxi Services in Altea

1. ArtmanTransfers - Airport and Long Distance 24h Transfer Service

ArtmanTransfers specializes in providing 24-hour transfer services to and from airports and other long-distance destinations. Ideal for travelers looking for a reliable and comfortable ride, ArtmanTransfers offers a fleet of modern vehicles suitable for individual travelers, families, or groups. Their services can be booked in advance through their website, ensuring that a car is waiting for you upon your arrival or departure. This service is particularly beneficial for those who have late-night or early morning flights and require dependable transportation at odd hours.

2. Alicante Private Transfers

Alicante Private Transfers is known for its premium service that focuses on private transfers between Alicante Airport and various destinations, including Altea. They provide an exclusive travel experience with a personal touch, perfect for those who prefer a bit more luxury and privacy. Their services are customizable, allowing clients to choose from a range of vehicle types, from luxury sedans to larger vehicles for groups. This service is ideal for business travelers or tourists who wish to begin their vacation smoothly and stress-free.

3. Taxi Alicante

Taxi Alicante offers versatile taxi services that cover the Alicante province, including Altea. This service is well-suited for visitors who need flexibility and local knowledge. Taxi Alicante's drivers are experienced and familiar with the fastest and safest routes to your destination, ensuring timely arrivals. Whether you are heading to a local restaurant, tourist attraction, or need a quick transfer to the train station, Taxi Alicante provides efficient and courteous service.

4. Taxi Altea - Asociación Local de Radio Altea

Taxi Altea, operated by the Asociación Local de Radio Altea, is a local taxi association that offers traditional taxi services within Altea and the surrounding areas. This service is deeply embedded in the community and is known for its reliable, friendly service. The drivers from this association typically have excellent local knowledge, which can be invaluable for tourists. Taxi Altea is a great choice for short trips around town or for those needing quick, spontaneous access to transportation without prior booking.

Understanding Taxi Services in Altea

Taxis in Altea are an essential part of the local transportation network, especially for tourists who prefer the convenience of door-to-door service. The taxis are typically modern, well-maintained vehicles, ranging from sedans to larger vehicles for groups or families. Most taxi drivers in Altea are locals who know the area well and often serve as impromptu guides to their passengers.

When to Use a Taxi

Taxis in Altea are particularly useful for traveling to and from places that are not well-served by public transport, such as remote restaurants or attractions located outside the town center. They are also a favored choice for late-night transportation when buses and other public transport options are less frequent. Additionally, for those arriving by plane at Alicante Airport, which is about an hour's drive from Altea, taxis offer a direct and stress-free way to reach the town.

Booking and Availability

Taxis in Altea can be hailed directly from the street, picked up at designated taxi stands, or booked in advance through phone or taxi company apps. Taxi stands are usually located near major tourist spots, hotels, and the promenade. For a more seamless experience, especially during peak tourist season or special events, booking a taxi in advance is advisable.

Cost Considerations

The cost of taxi services in Altea is regulated by local authorities and fares are metered. The base fare and the cost per kilometer are set, and there are additional charges for services at night and on holidays. It's important for tourists to ensure that the taxi meter is running to avoid being overcharged. For longer journeys, such as trips to nearby towns or the airport, it's often possible to negotiate a fixed fare in advance.

Tips for Tourists

  1. Know Your Location: Always have a clear idea of your destination address. Many streets in Altea’s old town are narrow and winding, which can be confusing.
  2. Ask for an Estimate: Before starting your journey, ask the driver for an estimated fare. This can help avoid surprises at the end of your trip.
  3. Carry Cash: While some taxi drivers accept credit cards, cash is still the most common payment method, especially for shorter rides.
  4. Be Aware of Peak Times: During summer and local festivals, demand for taxis can spike, leading to longer wait times and sometimes higher rates.
  5. Language Barrier: Not all taxi drivers in Altea speak fluent English. Having a travel guidebook or translation app can be helpful.


Taxis in Altea offer a reliable, convenient, and safe mode of transport for both locals and tourists. Whether you need a quick ride to a nearby beach or a comfortable drive to the airport, the taxis provide an essential service that enhances the travel experience in this beautiful part of Spain. By understanding the local taxi landscape, visitors can navigate Altea with ease and confidence, making the most of their stay in this enchanting town.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Altea, taxis can be hailed directly from the street, picked up at designated taxi stands throughout the town, or booked in advance via phone or mobile apps

Taxis in Altea charge a metered fare with a base rate plus a price per kilometer. Additional charges may apply during night hours and on holidays. Always check that the meter is running, or negotiate a fixed fare for longer journeys

Yes, taxis are readily available at Alicante Airport for direct transportation to Altea. The journey typically takes about an hour

Yes, accessible taxis are available in Altea. It’s recommended to book these in advance to ensure availability

Taxis in Altea are safe, with strict regulations enforced by local authorities. Drivers are licensed and vehicles regularly inspected to meet safety and maintenance standards

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